Thoughts About Christmas

Recently, a friend of mine shared with me what her kindergarten-aged daughter came home from school saying about Christmas. The kids in her class had been prompted to share what Christmas meant to them…presents, time out of school and of course, Santa. I can imagine the look of this little girl as she listened to her classmates with a jaw-dropping disbelief that left her speechless. She passionately said to her mom after school, “They are all wrong! Christmas is about Jesus!”

My first thought was that I was excited to know she had been hearing a very different version of Christmas at home and at church. It reminded me of John 1:10 which says, “He came into the very world he created but the world didn’t recognize him.” Jesus stated multiple times that the world would reject Him, His message, His love and His sacrifice. Isn’t it flabbergasting to think we have designated practically an entire month of the year not to mention tons of time, effort and money into celebrating the birth of a Savior who rarely receives recognition during that very season….or is it?

I don’t know about you, but if I’m honest with myself, from an outsider’s point of view, I could very easily be considered one of those people who don’t recognize Him. In our Pinterest-obsessed world, it is easy and enticing to get caught up in trying to make our Christmas season look perfect and shiny enough to share on Facebook. I also tend to get caught up in finding that perfect gift for my friends and family but forget that we all have already received the most perfect gift anyone could have received – Jesus.

I challenge you, along with myself, to spend time searching the Bible and your heart for what Christmas really means to you and then make the changes that celebrate those things instead of what the world suggests Christmas should be. I can guarantee it will not be any less anticipatory, exciting or celebratory. If we let Jesus’ love shine through us at Christmas, we will entice those around us to do the same.

Sheryl Daughety

Children’s Pastor

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