Pastor Sheryl is stepping down as Children’s Pastor at the end of July. She’ll still be around at church, but Pastor Ryan as Family Pastor will be in charge of the children’s ministry, as well as continuing with the student ministry. Here is a note from Pastor Ryan about some of the changes coming to Open Door Church.

New. When you hear that word, what do you think of? Does it bring joy and excitement or fear and sadness? Or possibly even both? Every year, August is a month of new. This year is no different and honestly it is probably even more full of “new” than any other year.

Growing up I would hear the term “season” quite frequently in church. I didn’t really understand what that meant until I began serving in ministry. It seems that much like the way our weather operates in seasons, so do our lives. In August, a new season will begin at Open Door as I have the honor of taking on responsibility for our amazing children’s ministry. As Pastor Sheryl and I worked through this transition together, I realized how blessed we are to have so many amazing volunteers who put so much time and energy into making church great for our children. 

It caused me to reflect on the people, who throughout my time in elementary, middle and high school invested in my life. They were amazing people, who gave so much of themselves to making sure that I knew God loves me and has a plan and purpose for my life. I was blessed to have an amazing team of people in every season of my life. Our hope as a church is that as we move forward in both ODK and 4:TWELVE we operate as a team. A team that has come together to show children, students and their families the love of God. If you aren’t already on the team, I promise there is a place for you! 

As we enter this new season, here are 3 ways you can help or be involved.

1) Pray for everyone involved in ODK and 4:TWELVE.

2) Sign up to be a part of the team, there is not a one size fits all example for a children or youth volunteer. I promise we will find a place for you to serve.

3) Find a child, student or family that you can invest in personally and share life with them.

Looking forward to starting a new season with you! 

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