The Power of Your Story – Alyssa Bream

1 Peter 3:15

“And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it.”

As Christians, we are told to be ready to explain the hope we have as believers. When we talk with people who are yet to find their faith in Jesus, knowing every answer to what’s in the Bible might seem like the best way to argue them into faith. But every answer can be met with an objection. Really intelligent people still disagree about facts of the Bible. The one thing they can’t argue with is your own story. They might disagree that Jesus was a historical figure, but they can’t argue with the fact that when you were 12 your bike was stolen by a boy in your neighborhood.
Stories are powerful. Human minds think in stories. Jesus told stories. While I have a great memory of church growing up, lots of good solid theology instilled in me, stories were the vehicle that made me remember them. Who could forget about God’s protection when they hear the story of Daniel when he was thrown to the lions? Who could forget about God’s provision when they hear about manna miraculously arriving every morning when the Israelites awoke? Who could forget about God’s love when they hear about the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus dying on the cross?
When you think about your story, your testimony, there are a few simple things to consider. If you are looking for a biblical example of a testimony, Acts 22:1-21 recounts Paul’s story in his own words. He lays out a great, simple way to tell your story.
  1. Your life before you found faith in Jesus

  2. How you met Jesus

  3. How your life has changed since

Your story shouldn’t be long. A three minute story is plenty long in a conversation. It gives the person you are talking to a chance to listen and ask questions.
For those of us who grew up in the church, it can be difficult to tell your conversion story. For those who were young when they decided to follow Jesus, your story might be different. Thinking of a time when God impacted your life might be a better story to tell.
  1. A time when sickness affected you or your family

  2. A heartbreak, a broken friendship that was repaired

  3. A time of miraculous provision

  4. A tragedy or challenge that changed your life forever

If you have lived any amount of years, you have one of these stories. That’s life. But, God uses your story for His good. Maybe we can start to see the reason for those rough times in our lives. We can use the hard times in our lives to help those in search of hope, truth and love. What is your story? Someone needs to hear it.

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