Now What? – Stephen Mizell

The election is over and we have a new president. Some of you reading this are excited and others are relieved. Some are disappointed and others are angry. No matter the emotions you are experiencing today, the reality is that the next four years are pretty much settled for presidential politics. Some predicted the end if one or the other candidate were elected. Some things will change while other things will stay the same. The real question is how are we going to respond.

In the United States of America we do have the privilege to vote for the candidate that we believe is best suited for the job and who matches our values. Sometimes our candidate wins and sometimes they do not. But part of the American privilege is there are others things we get to choose as well. No matter who you voted for or if your candidate won, there are some important choices you can make everyday no matter who is in office.

Choose to Love

Loving people is part of the Great Commandment. Jesus instructed us that the two most important things we can do is love God and love people. Loving others is one of the greatest life choices we can make. Love overcomes division and disagreement. Love covers sin. Love makes people more important than opinions. There is a song entitled “Love Is A Verb”. It is not something we feel but something we do. Love is a choice. When we look around our community, our region and our world, we must choose to love even at times we may not feel like it.

Choose a Good Attitude

We do not get to choose everything about our life, but one of the things we get to choose daily is our attitude. Our attitude determines our outlook and approach to almost every situation. I woke up this morning having voted and having a preference as to who I wanted to be president, but I had determined long ago it was not going to affect my attitude. I refuse to allow an election to change my approach to life or my purpose.

Choose to Pray

This is something we should be doing regularly for those in authority. Whether they are our choice or not, they carry much responsibility and are under immense pressure. Don’t just pray they will think like you, but that God will grant them wisdom and peace in every situation. When their lives are better, in general our lives are better. Praying also reminds us of who is actually in charge. There is a greater power at work and we must trust Him. Our prayers for others creates both humility and trust for us. Humility in knowing that we, or even people we like,  are not in control. Trust is depending on God to work out His purpose in spite of who holds earthly power.

The election may be over but life continues. Choose to respond better today. Check your attitude. Make the choice to love people. Pray for others in spite of our differences. Live the life God created you for and believe that He has the ability to help you achieve that. Choose what you can and allow the rest to settle itself.

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