We celebrate Mother’s Day during the month of May. It is a time we get to honor the mothers in our lives for the significant role they play in our families and in our world. So the question becomes, what do we do for the special women who have impacted our lives?  In many cases, they have everything they need so we don’t know what to buy. And then there are those who wait until the last minute, so being creative is difficult. In an effort to give you a head start on something you can do for your mother this year, here are ten ideas that you can use to make Mother’s Day special for the moms in your life.

Spend Time With Her

You would be surprised at how thankful your mother would be for a nice long visit. We get so busy in our daily lives and we often intend to go visit, but we rarely do. Go sit down on the porch with her for a little while and talk about life.

Make a Personal Change

Once a parent, always a parent. No matter how old your children are or how independent they have become, you still worry about them. Maybe there is an area of your life your mother has been concerned over. Decide to make a change there and tell her about it. It will delight her.

Cook Her a Meal

In our home growing up, mom did most of the cooking. Sure we could take her out to eat. How much more would it mean if we took the time to cook her a meal?

Tell Her Something You Learned From Her

We are stingy with credit and we usually notice the parental traits we picked up that we dislike. But all of us have learned some things from our mother that are good. Tell her about one of them and how it has made a difference for you.

Write Her a Letter

Not an email. An actual letter. It takes more time but she can also see more of you in it. You might even combine the letter with one of the ideas from above and share that information in the letter.

Work On a Project Together

What does your mom enjoy doing or what does she want to see done around the house. Take a few hours and offer to work on it with her. You will be spending quality time and accomplishing a goal for her at the same time.

Complete a Job She Would Normally Do

You know your mother’s routine. You are familiar with the things she will not go to bed until it is done. Pick up one or more of those tasks for a day, or maybe permanently. Lighten her load just a little.

Give Her a Few Hours Alone

This is a great idea for a young mother or someone who is constantly caring for people. Offer to take care of the children or to manage her responsibilities and let her have an afternoon all alone to relax.

Donate To a Charity In Her Honor

When you do not know what to give her, give to someone in need in her honor. There are numerous charities to will help facilitate this and you can send her a card letting her know.

Go To Church With Her

Mother’s Day is one of the largest attended days of the year for churches. It is because church is important to many mothers and going with them is a way to honor them. It is a small investment of time for a very happy mother.

At Open Door Church this year, you can accomplish two of these at the same time. You can go to church with your mother and for every mother present, we are donating $10 to the Albemarle Pregnancy Resource Center in her honor. We have also received a match for this gift so whatever amount we reach, it will be doubled. I hope that you will be a part of the Mother’s Day celebration at Open Door Church on May 13.

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