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Importance of Personal Worship


Worship is defined as giving adoration and reverence to someone or something. This act is continual, we never stop worshipping. All of mankind is incessantly worshipping someone or something. Worship can be considered a basic need for man. Just as we need food, water and oxygen, we need worship. Colossians 1:16 says that we were created by God and for God. Our original purpose, being created in God’s image, was to worship Him. Too often worship is put in a box. Many Christians feel that they have completed their worship for the week by attending a Sunday church service. But if your worship never stops, if you are continually worshipping someone or something, who or what is receiving your adoration and reverence Monday through Saturday?


Worship is most commonly connected with singing and it is indeed a great method to adore our Creator. Giving Him glory and honor through song is not only common within the church, but it is also commanded in Scripture. However, worship does not stop with singing. If worship was only a song, it would negate the fact that worship is never-ceasing. I could almost guarantee the fact that you are not currently singing, but you are, at this moment, worshipping. As stated at the beginning of this post, worship is giving adoration and reverence to someone or something. What wakes you up in the morning? What motivates you? What gets your undivided attention even when other things demand that attention? What do you love most? Whatever your answer is may determine what you truly worship.


Therefore, personal worship to our Heavenly Father is important, in fact, it is completely indispensable. Personal worship goes beyond a church service. It is a lifestyle committed to giving God the glory in everything. A personal relationship with God is of high importance. Taking the time to pray, study God’s Word and just listen to His voice is the most satisfying experience because it is truly and completely fulfilling your need for worship. There are countless things that can distract us from our original purpose, worshipping our Creator. Giving our adoration to anything other than God is not only a sin, it is falsely satisfying a basic need. When we give our attention to something other than God or when we love someone greater than our Savior, we are attempting to gratify the need for worship with a flawed, unsatisfying, and undeserving object or person. God is a jealous God and He is the only one who deserves our attention, our worship and our adoration. We can become so easily distracted and begin to worship anything other than our Creator and that is why personal worship is so vital. Intentionally spending time with God, learning the heart and ways of God and pursuing Him with a lifestyle of holiness will refocus our attention and worship to the only one who is worthy.


I asked earlier what gets your undivided attention even when other things demand that attention. This seems to be the most difficult thing within our lives, the fact that we are always so busy. However, that’s where my challenge lies. We must make time for God. If you don’t, someone or something or some temptation will arise and will demand your attention and your worship. It may seem satisfying, potentially fulfilling your need to worship but there is nothing farther from the truth. As humans, we need to worship something, it’s how God created us. If you do not day-to-day intentionally seek God first, you will not be able to resist giving in to worshipping something else. Make personal worship with God top priority. Only He can truly satisfy your need for worship. Only God can completely fulfill that desire within your heart. Avoiding personal worship with our Heavenly Father will result in your worship being swayed to something else. Pursue Jesus with your life, give Him the glory in everything and intentionally and regularly set time aside for personal worship with God. He will satisfy.

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