Where Are My Glasses? by Jay Rivenbark

 Where Are My Glasses?

As I write this article there is one thing that is essential before I begin…my glasses! Without them, this would be a futile attempt. Over the course of many years my ability to focus and see small print has diminished. Initially, a pair of reading glasses was sufficient to compensate for my lack of clarity. Fast forward to the present, prescription glasses have become the norm for me and absolutely necessary to read pretty much anything. As frustrating as it is, I have come to realize that my vision is constantly changing and the lens through which I view everything must be adjusted or everything gets out of focus and becomes distorted.

I was blessed to be born and raised into a Christian home. Church life is all I have ever known. At an early age I understood that God created me, loved me, and wanted a relationship with me through His son Jesus. I had a genuine desire to know, follow and obey Him. Thus, my journey with Christ began and I viewed the world through the lens of Christianity as I knew and experienced it then. What was “crystal clear” to me then has in later years often required an adjustment in my lens in order to maintain clarity. Why? Because the longer I walk with Christ, my understanding of His word increases and that requires me to make adjustments in order to see Him more clearly.

While my natural ability to see things up close has changed, my ability to see things at a distance has changed very little. Many of us can identify with that in a spiritual context as well. As long as we view things from a distance, our vision doesn’t seem to need any adjusting. However, when we get up close and personal with God and His word, and then attempt to see other people as He does, we realize our vision may be distorted and out of focus.

The solution is a regular eye and heart exam. Our heart (motive) will influence our vision. As we grow and mature in Christ, our vision of how we see things and other people will change. The closer we get to God and to other people the more our focus will be challenged.

Are you looking at only the distant, big picture, or are you getting close enough to need some refocusing? It may be time to put on some spiritual prescription glasses in order to get clarity and see some things you’ve been missing!

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  1. Wow! Jay you are so right. I was just googling when I ran across this message. God knew I needed to read this. I thank God for using you, as his servant, to get His message out. God Bless you and your family.

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