Highway 64 Campus Announcement

August 6th will be the final service at our Hwy 64 campus in Creswell. Please read the message from Lead Pastor Stephen Mizell about the decision and where Open Door Church is headed in the future.

Every organization takes time to evaluate the things they are doing to make sure they are as effective as possible. Sometimes things work perfectly and the organization benefits. Other times those things have to be evaluated and changes need to be made. A perfect example of this is Coca Cola. In 1985 they introduced New Coke to replace the Classic formula. It was a complete disaster. To their credit, they evaluated and made the necessary changes to do what was best for the company and allow it to continue to grow. Over the years they have continued to introduce products, some that lasted a long time and others that were short lived, all while evaluating what is best. Recently, they began to change Coke Zero to Coke Zero Sugar. This process has been going on around the world and has been met with great success. Some things work great while other things have to be changed.

At Open Door, we are constantly evaluating what we are doing and how we can best steward the resources we have and serve as God has called us to. For a couple of years we constantly discussed our service times and tried to evaluate what was best for us to be able to accomplish our mission. Recently we adjusted our service times and the result has been very positive both from a volunteer standpoint and those participating in the services.

One of the things we believe to be our mission is to impact Northeastern North Carolina with life-giving communities of believers. In 2013 we opened our first campus outside of Edenton in Bertie County. This experience was a true learning curve since there were no other churches in America planting campuses in rural communities as small as Windsor. Over the last several years we have consistently evaluated what was the best approach and we have continued to make changes. This year the Bertie campus has gained some real traction and is seeing significant growth, but it comes after lots of evaluation and many changes.

Almost simultaneously as the Bertie campus opened we began our online campus. This was another opportunity for us to learn and grow while reaching new people and keeping others engaged that could not be at a physical campus each week. We have evaluated and invested resources and now have a Media Pastor who oversees a fast growing area of our ministry. During any given week, thousands of people come in contact with some form of media from Open Door. It is opening doors for us in many areas where we did not have as much influence before.

This process of evaluating and changing happens all of the time. I could give you numerous examples of how it takes lots of evaluation and tweaking to get things to the place they need to be. Our Brew 2 Rescue cafe in Hertford is an example. Our facilities, which are continuously being upgraded to get the most out of them is another example. Even the roles of our staff has evolved over time to make us more effective.

Late last year during some of our evaluations, we felt a need to change the model in which we approached these rural communities. Instead of coming in and starting a full-blown church service, we felt it would be better to establish small groups in these communities, provide them with resources to grow and invest the larger amount of our finances into serving those communities first. This would be a slower build up to a church model, but would give us time to impact the community prior to starting a campus. I visited both campuses on January 1 this year and shared with them our plans going forward and outlined the things we needed from them. We have continued to evaluate our campus model the things that need to be done to make them more effective.

As a part of some recent evaluations, we have concluded that it is best for us to transition those attending our Hwy 64 campus back into the Edenton campus. Currently, this appears to be the best use of our resources and energy. Doing this will allow us to focus on some new opportunities that are available to us both in the Edenton community and surrounding areas. These changes are never easy. It has been difficult on all of those making this decision. However, we are committed to making even the most difficult of choices so that we can be as effective as possible in reaching our region as we have been called to do.

I am asking that you pray for everyone involved in that campus. Most of the attendees have previously been a part of the Edenton campus and have given much time and energy to making the Hwy 64 campus possible. They love people and they love Open Door. Change and transition can be challenging, but we believe this will allow us to continue to go where God has called us.

Each of you play a role in our mission of reaching our communities. Thank you for your continued support and prayers. Our best days are ahead as we follow after Christ!

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